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“I have been seen thousands patients over 20 years in Oregon since I moved here. I had found a big different between American and Chinese diet. I also realize that a balanced diet is important for our health. A balanced diet is not only about eating right food, but also eating at a correct time in a right proportions. So I build this website by seasons. I like combine this two food culture, and let more people get benefit beside my patients. “













Benson Yibin Huang studied Chinese and Western medicine at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating in 1990. He practiced acupuncture and orthopedic medicine for eight years in Shanghai and in 1998 moved to the United States, settling in Oregon in 2000. Since then he has worked with Dr. Louisa Silva practicing Chinese Medicine in Salem.



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Ginger Duck 

Ginger Duck Soup is a very traditional Chinese soup for winter season. This soup is good for warming the stomach and nourishing the blood and energy.


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Black Pepper Bun

Black pepper bun is one of most popular food in the southern China for the winter season. Because the black pepper can warm up the whole body and prevent the cold.


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Health Cooking Wine 

This video shows how to make a herbal wine for nourishing blood and energy, strengthening kidney and liver. This video is made in Chinese, and we will upload English version soon. Please check it later. 


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